After loving January and everything that has been happening this year. February has not started of so good, I am coming down with a viral respiratory infection and I am just so achy and tired.

But I am making sure I drink lots of water and eat good food so that I get better fast. With everything thats happening I don’t have time to be sick.

On a more exciting note we received confirmation that our block of land will have pressurised town water which is great news! And we have our appointment on sunday to discuss our design, it’s getting real very fast.

If anyone has any tips on building a home please share them with me. Everything is going really well at the moment but i know we have a long way to go, fingers crossed it all goes well.

Here is a round up of links I am loving on the interwebs this week…

Jessica from How Sweet Eats is a huge inspiration for me, she makes the most incredible recipes like this Cheesy Stuffed Pesto Garlic Bread! I can’t even!!

This almond butter cake with chocolate frosting is gorgeous and would be perfect for valentines day.

I adore pulled pork, no matter how it is served. But when you wrap it in corn tortilla and pan fry it? oh my word i will definitely make these over and over again

On the topic of pork, can we talk about baby back ribs for a minute? I mean what is there not to love? there’s melt in your mouth pork and delicious sauce and you have to eat them with your hands SO MUCH YES!!!!!

This Lemon and Vanilla Cream Citrus Tart is stunning! I am planning on making ot for our next brunch with friends.

Speaking of brunch the baklava waffles look so so good! There’s syrup, candied nuts, fresh pomegranate and fluffy waffles what’s not to love??

And to go with the waffles and citrus tart we will need mimosa’s the epitome of brunch cocktails.  These tropical mimosa’s sound amazing, i love that there have more complex flavours than the standard orange mimosa.

How fun is this Cinnamon Roll king cake? When we go to America we are definitely going to New Orleans I love everything about New Orleans food and culture and absolutely cannot wait to go there.




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