Christmas Gift Guide – Tech

Christmas Gift Guide - Tech

Hello lovely people! I took a small planned break and then thanks to internet issues I have been unable to post for a while as well. The planned break was so needed and it gave me time to step away and think about what I want this corner of the internet to be. I absolutely want to keep sharing recipes I love, whether they are my own or links to other websites and blogs and I want to keep sharing the wish list, which in the lead up to Christmas will become a Christmas gift guide.

You might see some changes in the types of recipes I am sharing as well as the frequency I am sharing. I want to ficus more on sharing truly amazing recipes rather than sticking to 4 recipes a week, this might mean some weeks I only share one or two recipes and some weeks I might share 4 or even more, lets see what happens. And I would love to hear from you! What do you want to see? What types of recipes would you like to see more of? Leave a comment and let me know!

No lets get stuck into the first gift guide, this one is about tech products…

  1. First up is the Google Home, I have been asking Marc to buy me one for Christmas fingers crossed I get it! It’s just so cool!
  2. I have had a Fitbit for over 2 years and I would love to upgrade so I’ve been looking at them a heap, the new Fitbit Alta is still small but has all the features you could want.
  3. Just between you and me, I have been obsessing over this Kitchenaid cold brew coffee maker. I know, I know I can make cold brew without, but this makes it so easy to make bulk cold brew!
  4. Taking photos while I’m on holiday or just for weekend adventures is something I love to do, but I don’t always want to take my bulky slr, so something smaller and lighter like this Canon mirrorless camera would be perfect.
  5. As you know Marc loves his Weber, he has become amazing at low and slow smoked BBQ so this Weber iGrill would be the perfect gift for him or the BBQ king in your life.
  6. Do you know a Star Wars fan? I know about 20 and they are all loving this Star Wars Jedi AR and I’ve got admit it looks awesome.
  7. I’m still wanting a bread maker, maybe if I don’t get one for Christmas I should buy one for myself? This Breville looks great! It’s packed with features like a delay timer, auto fruit and nut dispenser and a jam paddle!
  8. For the music lover in your life a good pair of headphones is a must! These digital wireless headphones look amazing.
  9. Lastly for the lady in your life, maybe she needs a hair dryer, or a new hair dryer. This moisture protect hair dryer is perfect for women like me with fine curly hair.

One Pot Spinach Mac n’ Cheese

Whenever I think of comfort food I think of pasta. Often comfort food can take a long time to prepare, but I was after something quicker and with minimal washing up. Less washing up adds to the comfort right? So I came up with this one pot spinach mac n’ cheese.

One pot mac n' cheese |


Loaded Croissants

Aren’t croissants just magical? All those layers of flaky pastry and butter…. you just can’t beat them. But you can load them up with ham, tomatoes, rocket, feta, avocado, soft poached eggs and call them loaded croissants!

Avocado & vegetable loaded croissant |