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hi friends! how is your week going? we have had a sudden cold turn here which has us rugging up and staying in! i don’t hate it though its been so busy lately that a quiet weekend is much needed.

this weekend we have an appointment to discuss our house design and hopefully finalise it! we are still waiting for the land to be released, but we are being told it will be released next month so we want out design finalised so we are ready to go. do you have any advice? have you built a house? how was the process for you? i get anxiety about things i don’t understand so please tell me what i should expect so i can avoid meltdowns, Marc will be forever indebted to you!

have you noticed that i am excited and terrified of the buying/building process please help! seriously any advice you have would be amazing!

enough house talk lets get onto the food! here what i’m loving this week…

lets start with my absolute speechlessness over these s’mores dougnuts!! next steps look at them,drool, run out and buy what you need, make them, devour them, the end.

while we are talking about s’mores how impressive is this s’mores layer cake?? make it! then invite me over and we will discuss the finer points of marshmallow roasting, eat this cake and drink rosè

loving this watermelon frosè definitely serving it in watermelon bowls!

look at the sweet colourful bites!! i have never had mochi but i have no question that i will love this cookie dough filled prettiness!

if you need something fresher and lighter after all that, i know i do, then this strawberry, rosemary,balsamic bacon and chicken salad is where its at!

or maybe these sweet potato muffins with vanilla icing are more your style? they sound divine!

if you are a regular reader or just visit on sundays then you know how much i love brunch. so it should be no surprise that i am losing my mind over this brunch brushchetta bar, this is happening in my house. this weekend. who wants to come over for brunch??

if i go to a restaurant and there is crème brulee on the dessert menu i always choose my main to ensure i can have dessert as well. i just love crème brulee and when you introduce flavours oh my word! this oolong crème brulee is calling meeeee – kinda like how the ocean called moana

and lastly my new favourite afternoon pick me up! iced golden milk latte, even the name sounds special! this pretty drink is packed full of anti-inflammatory goodness and will make you feel good. if you haven’t yet definitely give turmeric lattes a try!


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