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hi friends and happy first day of winter! we had a super mild autumn here in Brisbane but yesterday was significantly colder, hopefully winter won’t be too bad.

i know, i know it’s Brisbane it doesn’t even get really cold. i get it trust me! i have liver here for 6 years, i moved from Armidale, which is in central NSW. it’s gets stupid cold there like minus 4 on a good morning cold. so i know it doesn’t REALLY get cold here, but i’ve acclimatised and it sure seems cold.

i actually moved away from Armidale because i hate cold weather, i mean if it’s snowing fair enough there’s snow it should be cold (side note: i’ve never seen real snow) but if there is no snow and it’s sunny, well then it should be warm. logic. right, right?

what about you do you prefer summer or winter?

i definitely prefer summer but i do love winter snuggles, big jumpers and lots of hot chocolate, well for like a week or two then i’m ready for summer again.

enough about winter, i’m getting cold just thinking about it! let’s look at what i’ve found on the interwebs this week…

i love cinnamon rolls, and Adrianna made them even better by adding sprinkles!!!

key lime pie with macadamias in the crust, i’ll say it again MACADAMIAS. sounds incredible

have you seen more fun cupcakes than these gumball machine cupcakes?

while we are talking all things cake, MIAMI VICE NO BAKE CHEESECAKE!!!

i think we need some fruit after all that dessert, and by fruit i mean rum soaked preserved cherries, on everything

ok seriously though maybe something healthier like strawberry kefir overnight oats. YUM!

and of course we need to talk drinks i want one of each of these rainbow mocktails, oh yes

as always there must be cocktails, this week i am all about the fruity flavours with mezcal mango smash and cherry frosè

now lets invite the girls over and have dessert and cocktails, are you in?

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