I love Valentine’s Day!! I know people say it’s a made up holiday but it’s to celebrate love and who doesn’t want to celebrate love??

Even when I was single I used to celebrate with girlfriends, we would buy lots of chocolate and ice cream and watch all our favorite movies. It was great!

I know when should celebrate love all the time, but life gets crazy so it’s nice to have a day to take so time out to show people how much you love them.

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? Do you have a valentine’s tradition?

Wish list for this week….

  1. How adorable are these conversation heart balloons from Studio DIY?? They are so fun
  2. I love the fairy floss from Fluffe, he is doing a special Valentine’s Day box but this Unicorn Poop fairy floss is my favorite!
  3. This Oyster Bay Sparkling Rose is what I drank the morning of my wedding, it’s light and summery and not too sweet
  4. I recently brought myself a keep cup for my coffee at work, they are amazing and so so easy to clean! I love the new glass ones
  5. Who doesn’t want an ice cream necklace??? I love all the jewellery from Tiny Hands, and they are all scented!!!
  6. I love the look of these matt black plates, they are so decadent!
  7. Have you heard of ring candles? Enticing Candles are just one company who make them, when they pour the wax into the jar they place a wrapped up ring inside each jar. The rings are gorgeous but the candles are amazing too, they have released a Love Struck scent for Valentine’s Day
  8. I would love to receive this rose gold cutlery set for Valentine’s day. Am I the only woman who wants kitchenware for valentines day?
  9. How pretty is this Sparkling pink nail polish, it’s perfect for your Valentine’s Date. It’s has just the right amount of sparkle that I could be paired with a pretty dress or with jeans and a cute top

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