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The food here in Tasmania is incredible! Yesterday we went to Christmas Hill Raspberry Farm for breakfast where we had raspberry lattes and berry and ricotta stuffed french toast, it was light and crunchy and creamy and packed full of juicy berries! Afterwards we went to House of Anvers and watched them make trays and trays of chocolates, it was mesmerising.

It was only 10:30 at this stage so on our way to Hellyers Road Distillery we stopped in Devonport and spent a little over an hour looking around at the port and the city centre. When we arrived at Hellyers Road we had lunch before the Whiskey Walk Tour. I’ve never been on a distillery tour before, it was fascinating. The bond store was something else! At the end of the tour you are given the option of filling your own bottle of whiskey and wax sealing it, of course we had to do it! We chose a peated whiskey, have you ever tried peated whiskey? It’s incredibly smooth and has a strong smoky flavour, it’s probably my favourite type of whiskey.

Today we are spending the day around Launceston, going to the zoo, Cataract Gorge and we are doing the brewery tour at Boag’s Brewery.

As I am loving Tassie so much and I’m heading to Melbourne next month with Mum I thought I would share my travel essentials with you this week. These are mostly things I always take as carry on…

  1. I always use a backpack for my carry on, I take a clutch with me in my suitcase but a backpack like this one gives me room to fit everything I want to take on board and is easier to carry than a handbag.
  2. Planes are always cold, always. So I like to make sure I take a jacket or cardigan with me, as I inevitably need it. I am loving this soft knit cardi at the moment.
  3. Air plane headphones are terrible, we all know it. So taking your own is a must and you can buy a little adapter to make then fit into plane plugs. I have had these Marley noise-isolating ones for almost 3 years and I love them!
  4. Sunglasses are something I cannot live without, but especially when I am on holiday. I always have them in my carry on for when I land and it’s sunny. These Ray Bans are the bomb, I’ve had my pair since last year and I love love love them.
  5. A water bottle is a must! Sometimes I fill mine in the airport, after I have gone through security before the fight because the 250ml bottles are never enough. And I always fill it and take it with me everyday no matter where I’m going to make sure I am still getting plenty of water throughout the day. These pretty bottles from Typo are fantastic.
  6. Much like the cardi for the cold plane, I always have a scarf with me. If you choose the right one it can do double or even triple duty, a large scarf can double as a blanket or folded up as a pillow. I am in love with this one at the moment, it’s so soft and cosy.
  7. Socks, you have to have socks! If you are anything like me, if it’s cold my feet turn into ice blocks! Stance make amazing socks, I have my eyes on this pair.
  8. I use burts bees lip balm everyday, it’s not unusual for me to have 5 or 6 around the house and in my handbags. It is so good! Crazy moisturising,it’s the only lip balm I’ve used for almost 5 years and I swear by it.
  9. Last but not least, a good suitcase. I prefer hard suitcases to soft, I feel that whatever I have inside my suitcase is better protected in a hard case. I brought an American Tourister last year and I wish I had brought it earlier! It is light weight and so easy to wheel around.

There you have it, my travel essentials. What are your travel essentials? Did I miss something you can’t love without?

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