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do you have plans with your Mum for mother’s day this weekend? my Mum was here a couple of weeks ago for my birthday so i took her out for high tea then, and this weekend we have plans for Marc’s Mum. we asked what she would like to do and all she wanted was to have dinner with the family, it’s the first time since she’s moved back that Marc, his Dad and his brother have all been here so she just wants everyone together.

i am a huge believer that if we are celebrating someone, whether it’s mother’s day or a birthday or any other reason you should do whatever they want. are you a mum? what do you want this mothers day?

do you have a mother’s day tradition? maybe you always make your mum breakfast in bed or let her sleep in for the day. maybe she gets the whole day off from cooking and house work. family traditions are so important, Marc and i have been creating our own traditions. ours are simple, small things but i’m sure they will grow and change once we have children.

this week i wanted to bring you some gift inspiration for mother’s day…

  1. how cute and comfy do these pj’s look?
  2. i know Mum would love this pretty pendant
  3. Burch & Purchase are absolutely incredible and this the perfect gift for Mum’s with a sweet tooth
  4. every Mum needs beautiful wine glasses to make wine o’clock a bit special
  5. candles are one of my Mum’s favourite gifts and who doesn’t love the warmth and delicious scents candles bring?
  6. this watch is simple and classic, the timeless gift
  7. pamper your Mum with a lush gift box, this one is filled with bath, shower and body products
  8. is your mum a baker? buy her Caroline Khoo’s stunning cookbook
  9. Mum would love this pretty pink teapot set, it’s the perfect tea pot for one

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