Just a quick note from me today, I am frantically watching video’s for a workshop I am finishing before I start the next one (I decided to do both without thinking through the time or the fact that they were one after the other).

As I mentioned yesterday Marc’s birthday is this saturday so the wish list this week is all about things he would love or wants.

  1. First up is this Gas Monkey Garage hoodie, Marc is a huge car guy and he loves Gas Monkey so this would be perfect
  2. Marc loves rum, when we first met he mostly drank Bundaberg rum but I brought him a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s and he has since changed to a spiced rum lover. I tend to keep an eye out for new ones that he hasn’t tried and this Ratu Co Fijian Spiced Rum caught my eye the other day
  3. He has been talking about getting a pressure washer for what seems like forever, I think this is the kind that he would want
  4. Marc now has two beautiful watches along with a few sets of cufflinks and a box like this would be perfect for him to store them in
  5. For Honour is a game that  is recenty released and Marc really wants it, he was talking to me about and the only thing I remember is that you can play as a viking which does sound kinda cool
  6. Marc loves barbecueing and our charcol gets a workout most of the year, he has been eyeing off this rotisserie for about a year
  7. Most men I know would do almost anything to get out of doing yard work but not Marc, we went away for a weekend and our housemate mowed the lawn and Marc was actually annoyed. Our whippersnipper broke recently so when my Mum asked what he would liek for his birthday this Honda 4 stroke brushcutter was an obvious choice
  8. I brought Marc an Original Grain watch for our wedding day, he absolutely loved it and I brought him a second one for christmas as he didn’t want to wear the one from our wedding everyday. This is a slightly different one but the watches are gorgeous and for every watch they sell they plant 10 trees
  9. Marc needs some new shirts and white shirts look so great on him, he is tall and skinny so slim fit are perfect for him

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