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This weekend was great and crazy! Saturday I had my hair done, I’ve always had dark hair and this time I went lighter and I actually love it! Then Saturday night Marc and I went on a date night, the first we’ve been on in almost 2 months! We saw Baby Driver, it’s so good you guys. Go see it!!!! Then we had dinner at Lord of the Wings. It was really great to spend some time with Marc where we could just chill and not think about house stuff.

Then Sunday I spent close to 8 hours cooking. I made a heap of stuff to share with you here as well as a heap of cupcakes. I am taking part in RSPCA Cupcake Day for the third year and that means there will be hundreds of cupcakes made over the next two weeks. It’s a lot of work but it’s for a cause that I am very passionate about.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Did you eat any amazing food? Was there cocktails?

This weeks wish list is house related as the next couple will be, this week is all things living room…

  1. I love this two colour timer! I just adore the colours!
  2. These velvet chesterfields are so stunning!! They come in pink and grey, personally I am lusting over the pink one but Marc would hate it and the grey one is so pretty as well.
  3. Candles are a must in my living room, they just make me feel instantly relaxed and I just can’t stop with candles from dusk and this simple hurricane is everything!
  4. I like to use cushions to add pops of colour and texture, I love the silver design on this one
  5. I mentioned last week that I love floor lamps, I like to place them behind or to the side of the lounge so that if i want to read and need more light it’s right there. This metal and wood one is perfection!
  6. With all the soft colours in the lounge and knowing we are going to have light grey tiles I want a dark coffee table to anchor the space, and I like to add wooden furniture where I can
  7. Having fresh flowers is an absolute must for me, and I can just see a pretty bunch of white flowers in this pink vase
  8. Along with the chesterfield this fabric chaise would complete the room perfectly. I have always wanted a chaise and this is a dream!
  9. And lastly a fluffy cushion, I like the added texture and it’s a similar colour to the other cushion.

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