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Oh my gosh! You guys!!!!!! Today we had our colour consultation to choose everything for our house. We chose bricks, colourbond, garage and front doors for external and everything for internal – ceasarstone bench tops, cabinet colours, paint colours, door types, tiles everything! It was much easier than we thought it would be and so fun! I can wait until I can start sharing photos with you when the build starts!

That said I’m still thinking about rooms in our house and this week had me thinking about the kitchen, our new kitchen will be about 3 times the size of our current kitchen! It’s not so much that the new one is huge as that our current kitchen is tiny! And we don’t have a dishwasher, for a food blogger that’s not the most fun thing. My husband is so looking forward to the dishwasher.

Me? I’m stoked about the over, we are going to have a 90cm electric oven with gas cook top!!!! It’s more than twice the size of our current oven! Oh and the pantry, I’m dying, it’s a walk in! currently we have a 30cm wide cupboard as a pantry but we are going to have a massive walk in! It’s big enough to be a butler’s pantry just without the sink.

Ahhh! I am so excited!

Let’s look at what I am wishing for in my new kitchen…

  1. I need a new chopping board and i just love these big wooden chopping boards
  2. How stunning are the new matte black kitchenaid mixers? I already have a mixer but I would love love another one!
  3. Dying to have a farmhouse sink!
  4. Oh yes, I do want a pasta and noodle maker, can you imagine all the fresh noodles and pasta? Gimme!
  5. No kitchen would be complete without cookbooks and Over Easy is high up on my list of must haves! I adore Joy.
  6. We already have this toaster but I love it so much I wanted to show you
  7. We also have this kettle and love it, they are going to look great in our new kitchen, although they might live in the pantry…
  8. I NEED one of these mixer taps! I just cannot deal with the idea of not having one! I love that it has a regular tap and a spray nozzle as well and they can both swivel
  9. Last but not least is another cook book. Jess Pryles incredible and her book Hardcore Carnivore absolutely needs to be in my kitchen

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