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I am still crazy excited about signing the land contract!! Like giddy excited!!! We are almost land owners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s insane. After waiting so long I can hardly believe that it’s happening. We are buying a 1 acre block which is huge, but oh so perfect for our dogs and the life we want. We have big plans for a shed, a sunken seating area with a fire pit, veggie garden, fruit trees, chooks and maybe even bees!

So of course my wish list this week is about house stuff and I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to set up my home office. I want it to be light and filled with things that inspire me. Before we dive in to my list, what’s your must have home office item?

  1. I 1000% need a clock in my office. I currently use my phone and it is way to easy to get distracted and besides this rose gold clock is so cute!
  2. Desks need storage, right? I’m not the only one who ends up with a tower of paperwork if i don’t have enough storage am I? I love that this desk has drawers, a cupboard and storage space on top as well
  3. These cactus lights are fun and would be to cute strung across the top of the desk. Every office needs some fun right?
  4. Insanely in love with this aqua chair!!!!! I love the colour and the design, NEED IT!
  5. Everyday needs coffee and my office needs this print
  6. I love to read and I don’t have enough room for all my books. I love real books, I just can’t do ebooks or kindle so I need a good bookcase like this one
  7. Speaking of books how freaking cute are these book ends??
  8. I never have room on my desk for a lamp and I prefer the look of a floor lamp. And I have no words for this tripod lamp, it’s stunning!
  9. Last but not least a pretty fluffy rug

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