Weekly Wish List 28.03.17

How was your weekend? Ours was a combination of chilled and crazy. Saturday was Marc’s birthday and I had a cake to finish so Saturday morning Marc played For Honour (yes I brought it for him:) ), then we went out to do a little shopping and headed to the movies and out for dinner with friends. We saw Beauty & the Beast, I really enjoyed it. It was better than I was expecting it followed the original story line but had some extra additions. For dinner we went to Lonestar and had all you can eat ribs and wings there was so much food!

Then sunday was a bit nuts, we had heaps of house work to do and on top of that I had a weeks worth of recipe testing to do and Marc had to mow the lawn. After all the rain and the sun our grass shot up and was looking kinda overgrown. I really felt like i needed a three day weekend this weekend. But as they say no rest for the wicked.

Here is my wish list this week….

  1. This recipe book contains recipes from some of my favourite bakers, Katherien Sabbath, Amber Wood, Candy Berger, Alice Storey and Goergi Lambi these women come up with some of the most unique dessert ideas I cannot wait to get a copy of this book and start making sweets
  2. This feather necklace from Pandora is stunning, I have loved it from the first time I saw it
  3. I brought one of these shirts on the weekend, they are so soft and comfy I am planning on going back to buy 2 or 3 more ASAP
  4. How pretty is this map? I have been looking for a big map to hang in our office for ages and this one is pretty and different to all the others I have seen
  5. While we wer ein New Zealand I got a manuka honey old fashioned in Queenstown, it was divine and it was served in one of the most beautiful glasses I had ever seen. I have been searching for those glasses since and I finally found them!
  6. OMG this clutch¬†from Kelly of at Studio DIY is everything! Metallic silver and the girl power graphic i just love it! I finally subscribed to the can’t clutch this subscription and i am so excited to receive the first one! I am still kicking my self for missing out on the taco clutch though
  7. This quilt cover looks so inviting, I adore the colours and the pattern. It is soft and gentle without being overly girly
  8. I have been considering buying a new camera, the one I have at the moment is almost 10 years old. It still works perfectly, but a new camera would be amazing. I have read so much about mirrorless cameras that I am pretty sure that is what i want.
  9. Last but not least, A Dog’s Purpose. The trailer for this movie almost made me cry. When i foudn out it was a book I knew i needed to read it. It is such a compelling story, I am a huge dog lover. I absolutely adore our dogs.

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