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how is it almost the end of May already? where has this year gone?
has this year flashed past for you too? i feel like we have been constantly on the go with planning to build our house and work and family commitments and my 30th and i kind of feel like i need to take a break. I mean i love my life and i wouldn’t change it for the world, but i just want everything to slow down. i feel like we are living in fast forward and i am not getting enough time to truly appreciate everything that is happening. do you ever feel that way?

i am almost happy we are heading into winter. now don’t get me wrong i do not like the cold, but usually everything slows down in winter. it’s cold so everyone wants to stay at home and snuggle with their loved ones and eat hearty food that makes your soul happy and drink hot chocolates and whiskey, oh is that just me? please say it’s not. snuggling up with a whiskey on the rocks is one of my favourite things to do in winter.

this week my wish list is a mix of things i NEEEED for winter and thing that remind me of summer…

  1. i just brought the T2 teamaker and OMG you HAVE to get it! its so cool!! i love tea and this makes it extra easy to make loose leaf tea
  2. i am pining over the Kale & Caramel cookbook, i cannot wait to have it in my hands!
  3. time to be 100% honest, i am kinda scared of pressure cookers but i think i need to bite the bullet and buy one. I like the look of this one, it’s multi function. do you use a pressure cooker? what do you recommend? please help me
  4. so…. i have a serious shoe problem, i am obsessed! especially with boots, but i am positive i need these grey ones.….
  5. flamingos are my spirit animal and i definitely need like 10 of these flamingo balloons for my next party!
  6. how freaking cute are these rose gold dipped lights?? i want  need them for my office!
  7. i suck at growing plants, well i can grow veggies ok, kinda for like 8 weeks and then they die… but i really want a terrarium! any tips? how do i grow things and not kill them?
  8. i brought this bunny snuggle top on the weekend, it’s so so soft and cosy!!
  9. i have been searching for the perfect jug that will fit in my fridge for months and i finally found it! #winning!

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