IWeekly Wish List 11.04.17

We made it to IKEA this weekend, it was actually fun! Marc surprised me and enjoyed it. I realised that every other time I have been there I have never paid attention to the show rooms. But now that we are building we took the time to look at the show rooms, I was really surprised they are amazing and really show just how good at organisation they are. Now I have so many ideas for the kitchen pantry, wardrobe and office.

I find it really interesting how you can go places frequently and never notice some things but when your situation or perspective changes you suddenly notice all of those things. I try to be very observant, and tend to notice the little things. About 8 years ago I completed a photography course and found I loved macro photography. It gave me a way to showcase the little things that other people don’t always see.

Have you planned your easter menu? I have so many ideas but I am having trouble deciding. Are you planning brunch? Cocktails? Dinner? Tell me about your plans.

And now for this weeks wish list…

  1. You really can’t beat a classic solid silver bangle, they are simple and classy and go with absolutely everything. I brought one a couple of months ago and i never take it off
  2. Who doesn’t love a good retro recipe? And when it comes from the Women’s Weekly kitchen yo know you’ve got a winner
  3. During winter I love nothing more than being cosy and snuggly and this bunny gown is adorable!!
  4. While we were at IKEA I brought this kitchen trolley I love it!! It’s a great size, and easily wheels around. It is perfect for my kitchen at the moment, but it would adapt to an amazing drinks cart as well.
  5. I LOVE ugg boots!! They are comfy and cozy.
  6. For our new kitchen I am dreaming of one of these mixer taps
  7. You guys are probably aware of my candle obsession and now it’s cooling down this chai candle fills our house an amazing warm spicy scent
  8. We brought these champagne flutes on the weekend, they are light and delicate. I love using them!
  9. Even though I haven’t settled on a menu I am planning on cocktails, a good prosecco is great for last minute cocktails

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