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chicken, sweet potato mash & veg bowl

i am really excited to share this chicken, sweet potato mash & veg bowl with you! i don’t actually have a recipe today it’s more of an idea. the one thing we have more than anything else is food in a bowl, it’s our go to dinner, lunch, breakfast anytime really.

Chicken,Sweet Potato Mash & Veg Bowl | rachaelsfoodielife.com


mum’s jam drops

i am so excited to share this recipe with you!! these are my favourite ever biscuits, they take me right back to when i was 5 years old. mum used to let me eat the dough while she was making these jam drops.

Mum's Jam Drops | rachaelsfoodielife.com


weekly wish list – winter style

Wish List 27.06.2017 - Winter Style | rachaelsfoodielife.com

winter is here! well ok, winter brisbane style which is still cold compared to our sweltering humid summers. but it’s actually cold especially in the morning and at night, and that has me thinking about rugging up and if i’m honest i am always in denial about cold weather so i don’t really own winter clothes and it’s probably time i start to adult better right? i mean, i am married and we are building a house they are real adult type things so it’s probably time i accept that it gets cold and buy appropriate clothes that will keep me warm and cozy.