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Link Love

Smkoked Beef Ribs - Link Love | rachaelsfoodielife.com

Marc loves barbecue, he has a charcoal webber and makes the most amazing smoked meats like those beef short ribs^^ He coated them in a spicy rub and smoked them for 4 hours, you can see the smoke ring! They were tender and juicy and falling off the bone, so so good!!


Meatlovers Pizza

I adore my husband, it’s his birthday this saturday so i decided that this week the blog will be all about him!

Marc is an amazing man, he is very laid back and tends not to get bothered by much. He is genuine and a really great friend, whenever I get upset or angry he is always there to calm me down. Having anxiety has been tough but Marc has been there to support me every step of the way, and no matter what he has never faltered.