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Liquid Breakfast Smoothie

How often are you running late in the mornings? For me it happens 2 or 3 times a week. We get up walk the dogs, shower and get dressed and suddenly i have no time to make the scrambled eggs i was planning on. But i need a good breakfast.

If i don’t have a good breakfast vending machine here i come, and i hate that, i don’t want to be eating chips for breakfast. So i started making this smoothie, it’s super simple, it only has 6 ingredients and keeps me full until lunch.


Weekly WIsh List


How was your weekend? Mine flashed past! I had a massage this weekend, I have shoulder issues so I get monthly massages 🙂 We had lunch with Marc’s Mum and friends on saturday and I made a two tier cake for a gorgeous 2 year olds birthday, and sunday we had lunch with Marc’s best friend and his wife.