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Pulled Pork & Poached Egg Muffins

Hi Guys!

How is your weekend going? Has it been busy or have you had a quiet lazy weekend? We were hoping for a quiet weekend but no such luck yet again.

We went to the home show yesterday, that was nuts! We went to a few bridal expos last year and I thought they were full on but this home show was absolutely massive! There was absolustely everything you could dream of having in your home and then more. It was really great though, we got to look at the ceasarstone bench tops we are having, we also looked at screens for our doors we want to get something like crimsafe as our cat likes to climb screen doors so we want something she wont damage, and we got to look at lightning.

Question, how do you even choose pendant lights??? There are so many to choose from and so many this we like.


Raspberry Limeade

If i had to choose a favourite citrus it would be limes.

They are bright and zingy and refreshing without being to sour like some lemons can be or to sweet. They are perfect little green gems.


Link Love – St Patrick’s Day

This weekend we are headed to the Home Show, I am so excited!! I am still loving everything about the process of working on a house design, buying land, thinking about how we our house to look. What colours we like, what textures and finishes we want. So fun!

Marc however is not enjoying it at much as me, I think once the slab is laid and things are happening he will get really involved in the process.


Blueberry & Lemon Muffins

Blueberry muffins are one of my favourite treats.

I try not to have them too often but i love them but these one with the addition of lemon are my current favourite version, although while i was making these i found myself thinking about how delightful a lemon curd centre would be. Maybe next time.


Weekly Wish List – Rainbow Edition


Wow this weekend was packed! We had a super fun weekend.

On saturday we went to Brisbane’s first ice cream festival!!! It was amazing! We tried rolled ice cream for the first time, if you haven’t tried it yet you must! It’s creamy and smooth, and so incredible to watch it being made, i will post the video i took on Instagram soon so if you don’t already, follow me @rachaelsfoodielife┬áto see it.