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indian inspired spiced potatoes & eggs

here we are on sunday again! my favourite day, this day for relaxing and maybe doing a few things around the house, chilled catch ups with friends or movie days – but always a day from brunching. we love brunch, it’s our tradition that i make brunch we sit down at the table together and sunday mornings are ours. this week i am bringing you our new favourite brunch, indian inspired spiced potatoes & eggs.

Indian Inspired Spicy Potatoes & Eggs | rachaelsfoodielife.com


matcha lime fizz

i find that people wither love or hate matcha. i only recently came around to loving it and now it’s one of my favourite drinks, always cold though. and always with just water. i’ve tried matcha lattes and so far i’m not a fan, i will no doubt try again because i want to be cool and drink matcha lattes. but today i’m bringing you a matcha lime fizz, this drink is fresh and boozy!

Matcha Lime Fizz | rachaelsfoodielife.com


Link Love

Link Love 01.06.2017 | rachaelsfoodielife.com

hi friends and happy first day of winter! we had a super mild autumn here in Brisbane but yesterday was significantly colder, hopefully winter won’t be too bad.

i know, i know it’s Brisbane it doesn’t even get really cold. i get it trust me! i have liver here for 6 years, i moved from Armidale, which is in central NSW. it’s gets stupid cold there like minus 4 on a good morning cold. so i know it doesn’t REALLY get cold here, but i’ve acclimatised and it sure seems cold.