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Golden Chai Latte

Happy Friday babes! Ugh, who am I? Sorry I am really excited for the weekend!! We have fun plans with friends and a color consultation for our house on Monday. Yay for long weekends! What’s your weekend plans? I have the perfect drink for you today if you are in need of a little ‘me’ time, or just want something to help you wind down. It’s a golden chai latte!Golden Chai | rachaelsfoodielife.com


Rhubarb & Strawberry Bellinis


I have had a challenging, stressful, crazy, exciting, action packed week. It’s been really full on and I am exhausted but I have accomplished so much and really put myself out there this week and have been met with nothing but positivity! And now i can’t wait to sit down and enjoy one of these rhubarb & strawberry bellinis.

Rhubarb & Strawberry Bellini | rachaelsfoodielife.com


Vanilla Rose Lemonade

It’s Friday, that means it’s pretty much the weekend so the fun can start now, right??? Starting with this vanilla rose lemonade? Yes lets do that! I shared a sneak peek of this on Instagram the other day so I hope you are all excited!

Vanilla Rose Lemonade | rachaelsfoodielife.com