it’s friday and you know what that means time for drinks! this week i have made maybe the easiest cocktail ever, strawberry rosè floats! they are easy, girly and delicious

Strawberry Rosè Floats |

i whipped these up after we decided last minute to invite friends over for a bbq and it’s all from ingredients i had on hand! these only need 4 ingredients – strawberries, berry sorbet, strawberry liqueur and sparkling rosè.

simple, quick, light perfect for summer or warm afternoons. the best cocktails for casual afternoons with friends, think pretty pink drinks for the ladies and beers and bourbon for the men. add in smoked pork ribs, crunchy slaw and grilled corn, some good music and you have the recipe for an amazing afternoon.

Strawberry Rosè Floats |

if you anything like me, you will most likely have all 4 ingredients on hand all the time in summer making these strawberry rosè floats the perfect last minute drink. they are my current go to, until i find a new one.

you can pull together 6 of these in under 5 minutes. who doesn’t love a cocktail that’s that easy and super pretty? the flavour doesn’t let down either! it’s sweet but not overly so, just be sure not to choose a sweet rose and definitely steer clear of moscato. a girlfriend made these with moscato and they were WAAAAAYYYY to sweet, like teeth hurtingly so, we added a tonne of lime juice and soda water just to be able to drink them.

Strawberry Rosè Floats |

what’s your cocktail of the moment? most people will have that one favourite cocktail that you love no matter what, for me it’s an old fashioned, i just can’t stop. but my current fav changes all the time, but i definitely go far fruity flavours, i find creamy cocktails to be too much, you know? so are you into creamy? fruity? fizzy? spicy? or something else new and fun?

tell me about your cocktail loves! i need some new ideas! and please try these strawberry rosè floats and tell me what you think!

Strawberry Rosè Floats |

if you make this recipe or anything else from rachael’s foodie life, make sure to post it and tag me so i can see all of your creations!

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Strawberry Rosè Floats |

strawberry rosè floats

Servings 1 easily multiplied


  • 1 scoop berry sorbet
  • 1 strawberry, sliced
  • 30 ml strawberry liqueur
  • 125 ml sparkling rosè


  1. place the scoop of sorbet into a glass, add the sliced strawberry, pour in the liqueur and top with the rose. garnish with a strawberry, serve and enjoy!

Strawberry Rosè Floats |

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