I have never liked coke but I used to drink bourbon and coke because I liked bourbon. I tried drinking bourbon with lemonade and ginger ale and I still didn’t really enjoy it.

Then I thought why not try it straight, and I loved it!


Then I tried an old fashioned and I was in love. They are so simple, yet complex. And so easy to adapt to other flavours.

I have already made a cherry version that I loved. And i wanted to come up with a Valentine’s version of my favourite cocktail.


This one is your basic old fashioned with the addition of raspberry bitters and fresh raspberries.

The raspberries add a freshness and a brightness to this while maintaining the classic flavours of an old fashioned. This is my current favourite version… until I come up with a new one.


Look at the color!! Who doesn’t love pink cocktails???

Make this cocktail to share with the people you love or just make it for yourself.

Seriously make these they are amazing!!

What’s your favourite valentine’s cocktail? Is there something special you make every year?


Raspberry Old Fashioned

Serves: 1


1 teaspoon caster sugar
3-4 drops of Raspberry Bitters
60ml Bourbon
1 stip of orange peel
5 fresh raspberries


Place the sugar in a glass and add the bitters, then pour in the bourbon. Stir until the sugar is fully dissolved.

Once dissolved, add the raspberries and use a spoon to crush the raspberries up, then add a twisted slice of orange peel.

Add 1 large or 5 small ice cubes. Enjoy!!!

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