Passionfruit Mint Julep Sorbet

Are you ready for warm weather? I am so ready!! Warm weather brings long days with friends, beach days, barbecues and my favourite fruits. What’s not to love? Last week a friend gave me a bag of passionfruit from his uncle’s vines, passionfruit always reminds me of summer. I wanted to make something that would let the passionfruit really shine so this passionfruit mint julep sorbet was the perfect option!

Passionfruit Mint Julep Sorbet | (more…)

Weekly Wish List – Bathroom

Weekly Wish List 05.09.2017 |

These weekly wish list posts seem to be turning into house update posts, and guess what?!?!?!?!?!? Our loan got approved! We can officially BUILD A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t think I could get more excited but it totally happened! I’ve been on cloud 9 since we found out. It’s such a relief to know that the past 9 months have been worth the wait, the ups and downs and the stress. In less than 6 months we should be living in out own house! EEEKKK!!!!


Whipped Feta & Avocado Toast

Sometimes simple breakfast is the best, don’t you think? It’s takes the pressure off from having to create a more time consuming Sunday brunch and opens up the possibility of a truly lazy Sunday morning. Something like this whipped feta & avocado toast is perfect for the laziest of Sunday’s.

Whipped Feta & Avocado Toast |


Nectarine, Blueberry & Lavender Sangria

Happy first day of spring! Can you believe it’s September already?? Our one year wedding anniversary is this month and i absolutely cannot believe that we have been married for a year! It feels like such a blur! Also, because I cannot and will not contain my excitement, our home loan was approved yesterday so we can officially build a house!!!!!!!! These things make me so happy that we must celebrate and what better way to celebrate the first day of spring than with nectarine, blueberry & lavender sangria?

Nectarine, Blueberry & Lavender Sangria |