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Link Love 20.07.2017 |

wow, i am so glad today is thursday. i can’t believe it’s thursday but oh, wow so glad this week is nearly over! this week has been crazy busy and i’ve been getting to bed late and not sleeping well. this is all a recipe for a grumpy moody rachael. i hate being like that so i’ve been sure to be mindful of what i am eating and load up on fresh fruit and veg to help me feel good and get through the days.


maple bacon cupcakes

i did it guys i trashed up your cupcakes in a huge way! i put candied bacon in them!!!! think canadian pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, those are the flavours you get here in these maple bacon cupcakes

Maple Bacon Cupcakes |


Celebrate Local – Produce

i have been lucky enough over the last 2 weekends to meet some of the regions producers and artisans. we went to the brisbane bbq festival on july 8th and to regional flavours on saturday 15th july. we purchased some absolutely incredible items and today instead of sharing a recipe with you i want to talk to you about the things we brought and why we should all celebrate local produce.

Celebrate Local - Produce |