Link Love


After loving January and everything that has been happening this year. February has not started of so good, I am coming down with a viral respiratory infection and I am just so achy and tired.

But I am making sure I drink lots of water and eat good food so that I get better fast. With everything thats happening I don’t have time to be sick.


Rocky Road

When I was thinking about what kind of Valentine’s day dishes I should make for the blog I was having some trouble.

I didn’t just want to do the usual chocolate everything, so I started thinking about what things Marc loves, because it’s Valentine’s day, our first as husband and wife, and I¬†wanted to make things he would love.



Weekly Wish List



I can’t believe it’s the end of January. So much has happened already this year.

We have an appointment on the weekend to discuss our house design again and how we can adjust it to fit the land rather than leveling out the block.


Baked Beans

I hated baked beans until last year, Mum used eat tinned baked beans on toast all the time and I hated the idea of it. They smelt bad and I just didn’t like the idea of them.

The one time Mum got me to eat them, they tasted like nothing.

And then I brought Save with Jamie (side note Jamie Oliver is my idol!!) and there was a recipe for BBQ baked beans with roasted sweet potatoes.