Oatmeal Latte Ice Cream

Say hello to my new obsession!!

I became super obsessed with Oatmeal Lattes from How Sweet Eats, I mean eating them everyday, sometimes twice a day for over a month obsessed…. and as it is summer eating hot oatmeal when it’s stinking hot is not always great.

So…. I turned them into ice cream!!!!


Raspberry Meringue French Toast

Raspberry Meringue French Toast is my idea of the absolute perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast. It’s just so good!!

I starts with a base of sourdough french toast, then it’s topped with a quick raspberry compote then piled high with meringue and blow torched. You may think it would be super sweet but the raspberry compote adds a tartness and brings balance to this breakfast.


Roasted Strawberry Balsamic Milkshake

So initially I had been planning on sharing two valentine’s cocktails with you, one that I love (thisĀ raspberry old fashioned from last week) and a cocktail Marc loves.

But then I thought what if you don’t drink, or you want to share some love with your children or you just want something decadent that doesn’t have alcohol in it?

Well friends you have come to the right place!