Pumpkin & Chorizo Salad

Hi! I made you my favourite salad, it might not be what you want in a monday night dinner or it might be exactly what you need after a big weekend.

It has one of my favourite vegetables, pumpkin thats been tossed in some herbs and spices and roasted, crispy chorizo, fresh rocket, red onion and creamy danish feta.


Fruit Salad Parfait

Happy Sunday!

Do you love or hate sunday? I love it because it is almost always my day at home, I get to cook, work on the blog, spend time with my husband, read a book, take a bath, spend time with our animals it’s my day to do whatever I want without the pressure of needing to be somewhere, but sunday evenings are bittersweet. I always have such a great day on sunday and then once it’s coming to a close I realise I have another week of work and commitments before I get my day again.