Link Love

I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day, whether you celebrated or not I hope you enjoyed the day and felt the love.

I made it through last week and all the craziness, between make 335 mini cupcakes, a three tier cake, a gluten free dairy free unicorn cake, a gluten free black forest cake and some ¬†cupcakes along with my Mum being here for the weekend, Marc flying to Perth, a concert on Monday night and blogging it’s nice to have a couple of days to just chill.


Oatmeal Latte Ice Cream

Say hello to my new obsession!!

I became super obsessed with Oatmeal Lattes from How Sweet Eats, I mean eating them everyday, sometimes twice a day for over a month obsessed…. and as it is summer eating hot oatmeal when it’s stinking hot is not always great.

So…. I turned them into ice cream!!!!


Raspberry Meringue French Toast

Raspberry Meringue French Toast is my idea of the absolute perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast. It’s just so good!!

I starts with a base of sourdough french toast, then it’s topped with a quick raspberry compote then piled high with meringue and blow torched. You may think it would be super sweet but the raspberry compote adds a tartness and brings balance to this breakfast.