Weekly Wish List

This weekend was great, Marc and I went out for dinner saturday night, we spent sunday at home. Marc took a heap of rubbish to the dump, we’ve started cleaning up before we move into our new house, and I spent the day in the kitchen preparing goodies for the blog this week.


Nacho Stuffed Capsicums

While I was grocery shopping I saw the cutest little capsicums and immediately wanted to make stuffed capsicums.

I should note that I have never made or eaten stuffed capsicums before, but I needed to make them.

So I brought 4 and figured I would come up with an idea.


My Ultimate BLT

This is a sandwich that Marc and I have all the time. We eat it anytime of the day, it’s easy to prepare and flexible enough to be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And you can adapt it suit your tastes or what you have on hand.


Lemon, Mint and Cucumber Green Iced Tea

I never┬áreally liked iced tea, I know that’s odd since I made you iced tea, let me explain.

During the heatwave on the weekend I felt like i needed something really refreshing but I wanted something new and interesting. I thought about making lemonade but I didn’t really feel like that and then I thought about green tea and decided why not give iced green tea a shot.

And I loved it!!