Weekly WIsh List


How was your weekend? Mine flashed past! I had a massage this weekend, I have shoulder issues so I get monthly massages 🙂 We had lunch with Marc’s Mum and friends on saturday and I made a two tier cake for a gorgeous 2 year olds birthday, and sunday we had lunch with Marc’s best friend and his wife.


Coconut Waffles with Caramelised Pineapple

All week I look forward to our sunday breaksfasts. Sunday mornings always go at a different pace for us, sometimes we have a lot on sundays and sometimes our sundays are super chill, but no matter what we have going on we always take time to make something delicious for breakfast and sit down at the table together without our phones or anything to distract us and enjoy opur breakfast together.

This is something we have been doing for the past year and it makes a huge difference.