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hi friends! how is your week going? we have had a sudden cold turn here which has us rugging up and staying in! i don’t hate it though its been so busy lately that a quiet weekend is much needed.


watermelon, cucumber & mint popsicles

don’t you just love summer? the warm weather, beach days, lazy sunday BBQ’s with fruit and summer fruit. i love everything summer has to offer and now with us coming into winter i am holding to what remaining of summer as tightly as i can! i picked up some amazing watermelon recently and i knew i needed to use the last of it before it went bad, so i thought what better way to hold on to that summer fruit than via a popsicle? so i made you these watermelon, cucumber & mint popsicles.

Watermelon, Cucumber & Mint Popsicles |


weekly wish list

Weekly Wish List 06.06.17 |

hi friends! how was your weekend? what did you do? was it busy or pretty chill? ours was busy, i had a massage saturday morning (i get monthly remedial massages for a old shoulder injury), and i needed to find a nice photo frame for a gift – i had such a hard time finding a nice one, i was even concerned about price i just couldn’t find anything nice that was big, i needed it for a 8×12 photo. and saturday afternoon we had a viewing of our photos from last week, they were amazing!! they really captured the love we have for our dogs and the dogs personalities, i can’t wait to share them with you!!


indian inspired spiced potatoes & eggs

here we are on sunday again! my favourite day, this day for relaxing and maybe doing a few things around the house, chilled catch ups with friends or movie days – but always a day from brunching. we love brunch, it’s our tradition that i make brunch we sit down at the table together and sunday mornings are ours. this week i am bringing you our new favourite brunch, indian inspired spiced potatoes & eggs.

Indian Inspired Spicy Potatoes & Eggs |