So I love mangoes, like really really love them. I get giddy when I see the first mangoes of the year so much so that sometimes I forget that there is only 2 of us and buy a box of mangoes because they were an awesome price….Whoops…

Mango & Lime Slushies |

In light of my impulsive decision to buy a BOX of mangoes I needed to start using them and fast.

Mango & Lime Slushies |

When I was little Mum used to buy cartons of mango nectar and freeze it in ice cubes trays and give it to me in a cup with a spoon as a treat. I LOVED it, I would sit and crush it up to make a kind of slush because I didn’t like biting into the cubes, they hurt me teeth, so I took inspiration from the memory of icy cold mango slush on a hot summer day.

Mango & Lime Slushies |

I feel like I almost can’t call this a recipe it’s so simple, but my husband loved it as did I so I wanted to share.

I love good food prepared simply so the flavours really shine and that exactly what happens here.

Mango & Lime Slushies |

Mango & Lime Slushies

Serves: 2


1 mango

1 and 1/2 limes

4 oranges


Cut the mango into chunks and place on a tray in a single layer and freeze 2-3 hours or overnight.

Place the mango in a blender, add the juice of the oranges and limes. Blend until completely smooth.

Serve immediately.

I had some Smirnoff Pure Passionfruit & Lime soda in the fridge and decided it would turn my slushie into the perfect cocktail. Simply half fill your glass with mango slushie and pour in the soda, stir gently and enjoy!!


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