This weekend we are headed to the Home Show, I am so excited!! I am still loving everything about the process of working on a house design, buying land, thinking about how we our house to look. What colours we like, what textures and finishes we want. So fun!

Marc however is not enjoying it at much as me, I think once the slab is laid and things are happening he will get really involved in the process.

I am really happy that the home show is the only thing we are doing this weekend, it will be nice to have a quiter weekend. I feel like we have been non stop since the start of the year. So I am looking forward to this weekend. A nice lazy snday sounds incredible right now!!

With everything that has been going on I completely forgot about St Patricks Day until yesterday so I didn’t have a chance to make anything for the blog, but I have been seeing the most incredible St Pat’s inspired dishes on the interwebs, here is a round of of my favourites…

When I think of St Pats Day one of the first things I think of is booze and i found 2 perfect cocktails. One is from the gorgeous Jessica at How Sweet Eats she created a Matcha Ginger Kombucha Fizz there is so much I love about this! Kombucha is my current obsession (I am buying a Kombucha kit so i can make my own!) and the combination of matcha and ginger would be divine!

The second one is Irish Coffee if you, like me are coffee obsessed this will be right up your alley. It’s made with a brown sugar syrup which is also whipped up with the cream, perfect for after dinner.

Next up is two mains that would be great for any night of the week but for a St Pat’s Day dinner would be perfect!

First is Chimmichurri Chicken herbs are life, they pack so much flavour and can really lift a dish and chimmichurri sauce showcases herbs in all their glory!

Second is a dish that screams ireland and is something I have made many times for St Pat’s Day, Beef and Guiness Pie the flavour combination is such a classic!

And of course next has to be dessert, never forget about dessert!

Heather at Sprinkle Bakes created the stunning Layered Irish Cream Pretzel Pie, you just can’t go wrong with pretzels, chocolate and irish cream liquer!

And then there is this Layered Rainbow Jello, holy patience!!! Steph has created one of the most stunning versions of rainbow jello I have ever seen.

And I have some extras as well…. you know snacks, and french toast… Haha I always want french toast whenever I see it and this version again from Jess at How Sweet Eats is out of this world! Made with Irish soda bread and served with whiskey syrup, GET IN MY BELLY!! I am 1000% making this, this weekend! the perfect lazy sunday brunch, maybe with one of those irish coffees??

And the snacks, everyone loves snacks right? Yep I know you do! So there is unicon marshmallow popcorn, it’s so pretty. It would be perfect for movie night! Or if popcorn is not your thing maybe lucky charm bark is? Now I need to be honest I have never eaten lucky charms but they are cute and colourful so I am drawn to any recipe with them in it!

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