we are almost at the weekend team!

i have had a really busy, really exciting week! i forced myself to get out of my comfort zone and amazing things started to happen! i am hoping i can share with you soon. how has your week been? what kind of work do you do? i am a full time instructional designer, but my passion is right here. this blog and being able to share my love of food with you is what really makes me happy. do you love your job or do you have a side hustle that is what you are truly passionate about?

this weeks links are all about the marg’s. i love a good margarita and with cinco de mayo a whole load of amazing margarita recipes were suddenly at my finger tips and i just had to do a round up, and maybe a lot of taste testing….

i have to start this round up with the stunning Jess from how sweet eats and her minty mango margarita punch, just beautiful!

next is the other gorgeous Jess from plays well with butter and my favourite margarita in this list, smoky pineapple vanilla bean mezcal margarita please do you taste buds a favour and make this beauty, so worth it and i totally understand if you get addicted i am!!

a truly unique addition from Nicole at flan and apple pie with this honey lilac marg

if you are looking for a super fun margarita, homemade banana has got you covered with these kiwi and key lime margarita’s with kiwi pops!!

even though i already have a pineapple vanilla version here, i couldn’t not add Cindy from hungry girl por vida’s vibrant pineapple vanilla iteration

BLOOD ORANGE!!! i love LOVE blood orange, if you are also a blood orange lover head to Kritina’s blog fork in the road for blood orange, mint and kiwi marg’s

if you, like me, love a quick easy cocktail Kelly is your girl, head to eat the gains for this 3 ingredient blackberry lime beauty

i love kombucha, like from the very first second i tried it i just loved it. and now i can make kombucha margaritas!!! thank you Molly!!seriously though head to spices in my dna for strawberry hibiscus kombucha margaritas GIMME 6!!

any berry lovers? don’t worry Meme’s got you covered with these blueberry margs over at living well kitchen. such a stunning colour!!

and lastly one of my favourite flavour combos coming from Lauren at chocolate covered cheetah, broiled grapefruit and rosemary margaritas

if you can’t find a marg you love here, then maybe you aren’t a fan of margarita’s… one last question, do you prefer your marg’s straight up on the rocks or blended? i am a straight up on the rocks kinda girl

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