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We had an appointment to discuss house plans on the weekend, it was so fun! I thought it would be difficult to settle on  design we both loved, but when we were told we could customise the plan however we wanted and if we didn’t moved an external wall the price wouldn’t increase too much it was easy to make it perfect.

This weekend we are going to look at land, i am loving the process so far. I know it’s going to get difficult at some point but i am going to enjoy every second of it.

Do you have any advice about building houses? Is there something you wish you had thought of? Or something you thought you needed but now it feels unnecessary? I would love to hear any tips you have about the process.

Here is a round up of links I am loving on the interwebs this week…

I have never liked orange chicken, i have always been a lemon chicken fan but these meatballs could convert me…

Dinner in a bowl always feels like comfort food to me even when it is light and healthy, like these Korean BBQ steak bowls

I have been wanting to try turmeric lattes for what feels like forever but I always find myself reaching for coffee or tea instead, maybe this gorgeous panna cotta will be the perfect way to try it and get Marc to eat healthy desserts

I adore everything Kelly does on Studio diy and the Can’t Clutch This series is one of my favourites, what a way to feed my clutch obsession

Keeping my coffee addiction strong with these coffee coconut shakes

How adorable are these mini cactus cakes??? Just when i think Heather can’t create anything cuter she goes and does it again

I love a good muffin and my current muffin crush is lemon, and these lemon poppy seed muffins look so perfect



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