Pistachio-Milk-Oats | rachaelsfodielife.comSo, I cannot believe that as of 3pm today we are going to officially be land owners!! It’s been a long 9 months and I’m still having a hard time believing that it’s really happening. We are actually going to own a piece of Australia! It’s crazy!

I am beyond excited for our house to start being built, the kitchen is so much bigger than my current kitchen. I will have room to spread out and make cinnamon rolls, and pasta, and brioche, and brunch spreads, and bellini bars, and cupcake decorating parties. There is so many possibilities!

Because I am so excited about my new kitchen I have been scrolling through all my favourite blogs and I have heaps of links to share with you this week…

I’ll make this vanilla espresso cheesecake, you can have a slice and I’ll have the rest!

This giant pumpkin pop tart would be so fun for a brunch

Speaking of brunch, every brunch needs a cocktail so why not whip up a jug of tropical rosè sangria?

S’mores brownies = DYING

After all that sugar you need a savoury bite right? Let’s have these honey, apple, cheddar and bacon panini’s

How gorgeous are these watermelon coconut slushies?

Pumpkin bread is my absolute favourite, i cannot wait to try this version

Choc chip cookies will forever be my favourite, and I am pretty disappointed in myself for not thinking of adding espresso to them, but it’s ok Adrianna’s got our back!

Loving these 10 tips for baking the best cupcakes

Yes! gimme all the brown sugar bacon waffles!!!

And lastly I thought we’d end on a healthy note with this rosemary, chicken, bacon and avocado salad

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