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Wow this week has been hectic! House stuff is moving along, our plans were sent to the architect today so that final drawings can be done up and sent to us for final approval. The goal is to have everything ready and in place so building can start as soon as settlement goes through for the land.

I am still super excited but i also have no idea what to expect so it’s been a roller coaster of emotions. Have you built your own house? How did you find the process? Do you have any tips? I would love to hear from you about what the process is like. I like to be informed and to know what to expect so this has been hard for me.

Do you have fun plans for the weekend? We finally have a weekend with no plans for the first time since the start of July so we are going out for dinner and going to the movies 🙂 I am also going to the hairdresser Saturday morning, it’s time for a change with my hair! I am so excited about having no other commitments to anyone other than ourselves! Oh and we are going to see Baby Driver! The trailers look great and heaps of people have told us it’s great! Have you seen it? Do you want to see it?

I missed my link love post last week so this week I have more than usual to share with you…

First up i cannot deal with this pistachio peach caramel crumble!!! I NEEEEEEEED it like yesterday!

How stunning is this berry and banana terrine?

Gimme all the cherries and this chevre cherry ice cream. Oh Yes!

Speaking of ice cream this spicy pineapple popsicles are right up my alley!

No words for these s’mores brownie cupcakes

And because we need some kind of healthier sweet these strawberry crumble bars

While we are talking sweets, what about breakfast sweets?

My husband would flip for these homemade pop tarts – you know they are happening in this kitchen soon!

Looking for brunch perfection? I found it right here with lavender brioche french toast just add mimosas!

And for those high rollers how about this pay day lobster tomato pasta?

Do you have a pot luck coming up? Me neither but I am making the single serve seven layer dips. It’s normal to have a fridge stocked with these just for you and your husband right??

I wish I thought of having tea favours for our wedding! These are pretty, easy and you can make them however you want! Maybe I can make them for another party? Housewarming favours? Is that even a thing? Can it be?

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