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fruit is one of my favourite things. i love buying whole fruit and cutting it open myself, especially when you find such symmetrical beauty as i did with the watermelon. the pretty pink and swirls of flesh, nature is  wonderful thing. if you follow me on instagram you may have seen my double headed pineapple a few weeks ago, i brought it simply because i was curious about what the inside would look like.

lately i’ve been hearing about a push for supermarkets to sell ‘ugly’ fruit, why is it ugly? fruit is not meant to be perfect! nature doesn’t create perfection it creates beauty. beauty is not in perfection, beauty is about embracing flaws and loving them.

we need to stop using such negative words and thoughts and focus on the positive, live life to the absolute fullest, be kind, be courageous and chase our dreams.

lets talk about what i’m loving this week and show these amazing bloggers some love!

first up eggslut’s fairfax breakfast burger from I am a food blog, i am obsessed with this burger. it’s so good!!!

Jelly Toast’s 3 ingredient pineapple popsicles, so quick easy and incredibly delicious

talking about easy jalapeno cornbread with raw raspberry chia jam from the kitchen mccabe, have you tried chia jam?? i haven’t yet but i am seeing it everywhere and am making this one this weekend!

compound butter is something that you will always find in my freezer, and i am in love with foodie crush’s 5 flavour combos!!

ok 5 words. raspberry shortbread ricotta ice cream – is this real life?? tieghan from half baked harvest has made magic!

i am crushing hard on this golden beet salad from lindsay over at nutrition to fit

as always we need cocktails, and this rainbow queer swagger swizzle from craft and cocktails is freaking insane!!

now lets talk diy – i need to preface by saying i adore diy but i am not very good at it!

but this tropical garland from studio diy is so stunning!!

and last but not least a hairpin leg breakfast tray from a beautiful mess it screams breakfast in bed

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