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2017 has kicked off with lots of exciting news, friends are getting married, building houses, having babies, planning exciting holidays and we got approved to build our house!!!!
Saying I am excited is an understatement, I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2017 has in store.

How has the year kicked off for you? Have you received good news? Are you planning or working on something exciting? Do you have big goals for this year?
Leave me a comment I would love to hear how 2017 is going for you.

Here is a round up of links I am loving on the interwebs this week…

If I had to choose one dessert that always reminds me of special occasions and excitement it is pavlova and this one is just stunning!!!

Grilled beer chicken sliders??? I can’t even cope, i need to go make these right away

I love all things glitter and rainbows so unsurprisingly holographic items are like my dream come true

While i am talking about rainbows.. have you seen the Unicorn Hot chocolates on Instagram? If you have and like me can’t get to LA to get one, never fear head on over to Love and Olive Oil and try not to drool on your computer

I love love love mac and cheese and i never thought it could get any better, but Steph at I am a food blog create breakfast mac and cheese!!! I know what i’m having for breakfast this weekend

Is anyone else obsessed with Earl Grey Tea like i am? This Earl Grey latte sounds divine

And lastly i love this post about DIY wedding cakes i made my own cake even though everyone told me not to and it was everything i imagined and everyone complimented me. If you managed your expectations and plan correctly baking your own wedding cake is achievable and not at all intimidating

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