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happy thursday!! we are nearly there!!

how has your week been? what did you do for mothers day?

we took Marc’s mum out for dinner, she wanted to go somewhere that has live music so i found this place called lefty’s old time music hall it was amazing! and mum loved it 🙂 we all ordered burgers and chilli cheese fries ^^^ they were great! the music was sensational, we saw that redhead a band i had not heard of but Marc’s dad knew the drummer (and singer)’s cousin and had been wanting to see her play, he didn’t even know she was going to be there. they were incredible!! seriously if you get the chance check them out live.

this weekend i am prepping for the whole30, my first day will be sunday. i have planned out a week of meals and honestly my dinners haven’t changed much from what we normally eat, well except for no pasta. i am really excited to start and i have started cutting back on sugar this week, i read that sugar hangovers are the worst so i am hoping to minimise that. i am thinking about putting together a weekly whole30 update on saturday’s let me know if you would be interested 🙂

anyhoo… enough rambles from me lets look at what i’m loving from around the interwebs this week….

have you seen anything more beautiful than this fennel pollen panna cotta?

are you a rosé lover but get confused knowing which one to choose? I AM! Jess has us covered with Rosé 101

i need to make a confession….i love peas! no, like i really love peas, if we don;t have frozen peas in the freezer even if i don’t need them i NEED them to be there, do you know what i mean? anyway this was leading to this incredible bacon and pea salad you have to try it!

i love a good sauce and i have been searching for whole30 compliant sauces and i came across this spicy avocado sauce that sounds like heaven!

aren’t pavlova’s just dreamy? especially this rosewater stunner

can’t wait to get my mitts on some rhubarb to make this lemongrass ginger rhubarb soda

i know mother’s day was last weekend but anytime is a good time for cocktails, especially when they are from jess at how sweet eats

have you tried a lassi? they are incredible, the sweet version is often served as dessert. this blueberry one looks gorgeous

on the topic of drinks this pink moon milk is so intriguing

i love chia pudding, have you tried it yet? DO IT! it’s so good! i have also been experimenting with turmeric a little lately and this golden chia pudding sounds amazing!

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