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Have you ever tried a bee sting? They are one of my favourite desserts and that one^^ Is the second cake I made for my 30th.

I love making my birthday cake, I make cakes for so many people and getting to make mine is exciting. I can experiment and make crazy things, one year I made lime cupcakes with vegetable carbon so they were black. And sometimes I am feeling nostalgic and make something I love, like this bee sting.

When I was 17 I worked in a bakery, which I loved, and one of the speciality’s was bee sting. Buttery brioche and smooth, thick custard topped with crunchy almonds and honey, what’s not to love. Working in that bakery remains one of my favourite jobs,the early starts, surrounded by incredible food, fresh donuts, trays and trays of slices, fresh baked pies and sausage rolls. It was like heaven. What has your favourite job been? Is it your current job?

Enough about working, lets talk about about fun things my weekly round up of what i am loving from around the interwebs…

Coffee lovers unite and embrace these gorgeous tiramisu cupcakes

Have you ever tried hummingbird cake? I haven’t, yet. But I do love a good carrot cake and Sally’s description of her hummingbird cake has me dreaming of this beauty

This is one of the prettiest drinks I have ever seen. EVER! And it has rhubarb in it. Love!

And this coconut hibiscus orange blossom slushie sounds divine

I have just three words. Edible. Glitter. Chocolate. Enough said.

I love strawberries and basil together, the flavours pair beautifully. And this cream pie looks beautiful so it must be a sign that strawberries and basil belong together.

Speaking of cream how long since you’ve had clotted cream? If you said never, please please try it. It is amazing with scones, or pancakes, or toast, or by the spoonful….

And now cocktails…. I have made every julep recipe Jess has ever posted and they have all been amazing and i think this one is my favourite!

Let’s face it one cocktail is never enough and with Cinco de Mayo coming up you 100% need cocktail inspo right? Well I found the perfect cocktail smoky pineapple vanilla bean mezcal margaritas so much yes!!


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