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I am officially in my thirties! Two days in and I am loving it!! Marc organised dinner Saturday night with friends and family, it was absolutely amazing. We had such a fun night, and the food. Oh my the food, was sensational. There was sweet potato falafels, kataifi pastry filled with middle eastern cheese and spicy lamb boureks for entree, all of them were bursting with flavour. Then the mains came out… I didn’t think it could get better, then it did. with garlic chicken kebabs, Moroccan spiced calamari, lamb pizza with rocket, haloumi and eggplant pizza and beetroot salad. So much food and we ate it all, everyone loved it!

I am all about the food, and Marc could not have chosen a better restaurant. I had not tried much middle eastern food but now I can’t wait to cook some. The flavours and the interesting spices they use made this meal a delight. I will definitely be attempting to recreate some of those dishes at home.

How was your weekend? Do you take part in paying your respects on Anzac Day? I always watch the dawn service, it reminds me of how much those young men and women gave up for this country and how privileged I am to live in Australia. For me Anzac Day is very humbling and fills me with pride and huge respect for our servicemen and women and their families. Have you ever played two-up? Or do you have other Anzac traditions?

My round up of what i love this week on the interwebs is full of fun…

Starting with the ice cream museum¬†because I didn’t already want to go to America enough they had to add an ice cream museum just to make me fell like I have to go right now!

While we are on the topic of frozen treats how amazing does this Frozen 20th Century cocktail look??

Maple bacon grilled cheese sandwiches?? Be still my beating heart

Are you a jalapeno lover?? I am and this bread is practically demanding I make it

Oh how I love pistachios, and with strawberries and flaky puff pastry?? Just stop!

Caramel. Rum. Banana Bread. Enough said.

Have you heard of milk punch? I hadn’t until now and as I read about it i was expecting something that looked like milk, but instead I found this intriguing chartreuse and tequila milk punch. So want to try this

Sally has come up with another winner with these easy soft pretzels,¬†excuse me while I go eat my weight in pretzels…


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