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Marc loves barbecue, he has a charcoal webber and makes the most amazing smoked meats like those beef short ribs^^ He coated them in a spicy rub and smoked them for 4 hours, you can see the smoke ring! They were tender and juicy and falling off the bone, so so good!!

We weren’t able to go to IKEA last weekend as the roads were still flodded from the storm so we are planning to go this weekend. Instead we went to bunning to look at bath tubs, sinks, taps and paint colours. We actually chose what could be our final paint colours!!! We are still waiting for land to be registered but things are crazy when you build right?? So having a clear idea of what we want is good right?

Here is this weeks link love round up…

Can’t wait for the weather to cool down so I can make these pretty pastel hot chocolates

We have pizza at least once a fortnight. While Marc loves thin and crispy bases I love a good thick base pizza and this detriot style pizza blew me away

Who doesn’t love cupcakes and these ones are topped with rainbow marscapone that was coloured with natural colurs. Yhey are just gorgeous

I love a good cocktail. Usually I love easy cocktails that are quick to pull together for friends but sometimes i will make the extra effort for something special and these margarita’s would be so worth the effort!!

Bring on the carbs this easter with this super fun bunny bread!

How good is a simple classic cake? They bring back all the memories! I can never go past vanilla cake with chocolate frosting

These ham & gruyere twists they look absolutely divine! I too am a ham and cheese criossant lover and am inviting friends over this weekend just so I have a reason to make these!

I have a bucket list of things I want to do but I had never thought of having a cooking bucket list until I read this. How fun is this! What a way to learn new things and push outside of your go to meals. I will be making one and I will definitely share it with you!

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