So a couple of months ago I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across this coffee from Piggy Back Cafe.

Rainbow Latte |

It took me about 2 minutes to figure out that the cafe that makes these is only 10 minutes from my house, so naturally I had to go get one…

It was about 20 minutes before they closed so I brought a rainbow flat white and read their menu…. on the menu they had red velvet french toast

That’s right RED VELVET FRENCH toast!!!!

I immediately started thinking about how soon I could come back, I needed to try the french toast.

I adore red velvet cake, I’m that person, you know the one who gets offended when someone says red velvet cake is just a red chocolate cake, that has to explain in great detail why red velvet cake is certainly not JUST a red chocolate cake but it is so so much more than that.

I finally made it back to get the french toast 2 weeks later, and let me tell you it was so worth the wait.

Piggy Back Cafe Red Velvet French Toast |

Just look at it, it’s so beautiful. Vibrant red velvet coating, lush cream cheese filling rippled with fresh raspberries, I savoured every single bite.

Once I had finished I knew I needed to recreate this, I had to make my own.

I set about figuring out a recipe, I started by thinking about what makes red velvet cake, there is the obvious vibrant red colour, vanilla, chocolate and then there is the brightness the vinegar provides.

I knew if I added vinegar to my recipe it would be too overpowering so I used buttermilk instead of regular milk and I had found a winner.

Red Velvet French Toast |

Then I had to recreate the filling, I started with spreadable cream cheese, simply because it’s lighter, I mixed in a little sugar and some vanilla bean paste. It was close but too thick, so I quickly whipped up some cream and mixed that into the cream cheese then I added some fresh raspberries to get that ripple I had so loved.

Red Velvet French Toast |

I had found sweet sweet success, this is exactly like the red velvet french toast from Piggy Back Cafe but you can make it at home, anytime.

Red Velvet French Toast |

Make it for brunch with friends, make it just for you, make it for someone you love, just make it.

Red Velvet French Toast |

Copycat Red Velvet French Toast

Serves: 4


  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 2 tablespoon caster sugar
  • 2 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tablespoon red gel food colour
  • 8 slices white bread

Raspberry Ripple Cream Cheese Filling

  • 250g spreadable cream cheese
  • 2 tablespoons caster sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla bean paste
  • 1 cup thickened cream, whipped to soft peaks
  • 1/2 punnet of raspberries, cut in half


Place the eggs, buttermilk, sugar, cocoa, vanilla and food colouring in a bowl and whisk until completely smooth and lump free. Pour into a shallow dish. Dip the bread slices into the mixture pressing down gently on both sides.

Heat a large frying pan over medium heat, cook bread for 3-4 minutes then flip over.

Repeat for remaining slices.

Raspberry Ripple Cream Cheese Filling

Place the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla in a bowl and mix with a¬†spoon until smooth. Add the cream and mix in gently until fully incorporated and smooth. Add the raspberries and mix, don’t worry about being too gentle you want to smash them up a little to create the ripple.

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