i have been lucky enough over the last 2 weekends to meet some of the regions producers and artisans. we went to the brisbane bbq festival on july 8th and to regional flavours on saturday 15th july. we purchased some absolutely incredible items and today instead of sharing a recipe with you i want to talk to you about the things we brought and why we should all celebrate local produce.

Celebrate Local - Produce | rachaelsfoodielife.com

these are all the things we brought ^^ they variety that was available over the two weekends was just incredible. i am immensely lucky to live so close to the lockyer valley, the lockyer valley region has been nicknamed the nation’s salad bowl and supplies produce right across australia. what i didn’t know is how much variety in produce and artisan food product are available in queensland.

Celebrate Local - Madame Honey | racahelsfoodielife.com

madame honey is a new honey retailer local to brisbane, the hives are in everton park in north brisbane. madame honey currently offers 4 products, heavenly pure which is their honey straight up, gently whipped is a stunning creamed honey, thoroughly smoked is there pure honey that has been smoked with mesquite wood, it has a stunning bold flavour and lastly totally naked which is the one i purchased is raw honeycomb and it is beyond incredible and i am so excited to cook with it!

Celebrate Local - Devil's Pantry | rachaelsfoodielife.com

devil’s pantry are another brisbane producer, they are four chefs who are passionate about bbq, smoking and chilli who now produce a range of sauces. we brought their golden carolinian bbq which was a part of their limited range they offered at the bbq festival. we will use it for smoked pork next time marc makes it, it’s more of a finishing sauce.  but they also offer hot sauce, honey chipotle sauce, smoked bbq sauce and tomato chilli ketchup, these sauces have a kick of chilli heat but are not super hot.

Celebrate Local - Blend Smoked Honey | rachaelsfoodielife.com

i’ve talked about my love of blend smoked honey before and i made a smoked honey, orange and vanilla spritzer using their honey. blend smoked honey was founded in 2014, they source local raw honey which is then cold smoked and crafted with select artisan products to produce a unique complex honey that is perfect as a core ingredient or as a last minute drizzle to finish a dish. add it to your cheese board, it brings unbelievable flavour and interest.

Celebrate Local - Wyld Smoke BBQ | rachaelsfoodielife.com

wyld smoke is another new brisbane based company, they launched in janruary 2016, much like devil’s pantry wyld smoke was born from a love of bbq and a passion for making good ingredients great. wyld smoke offer 5 different rubs and at the bbq festival they had some limited editions which is what we brought. we got the bull dust rub, which marc has big plans for and i got lava charcoal salt, this salt is unbelievable i am planning on making a dessert with this salt it has a really clean taste it is the perfect finishing salt.

Celebrate Local - Rainforest Heart | rachaelsfoodielife.com

rainforest heart is an orchard nestled deep in the valley at the edge of a world heritage listed rainforest in tropical north queensland. they grow and supply australian native tropical fruit including the davidson plum, lemon aspen, rainforest cherry and rainforest lychee. i tried davidson plum tea it’s bright and tart and insanely refreshing and the lemon aspen powder that i purchased is like nothing i’ve ever tasted before, it’s bright and zingy and tastes kinda like sherbet.

Celebrate Local - Scorpio's Sauces | rachaelsfoodielife.com

scorpio sauces are hand crafted in brisbane and are made using traditional family recipes that have been handed down for generations. these sauces are incredible and complex in flavour. scorpio sauces currently offers 7 different bbq sauces and will be launching a range of hot sauces soon.

Celebrate Local - Mormor Food | rachaelsfoodielife.com

mormor food is a company based in the lockyer valley and they use all local produce in their products. i had the privilege of speaking to melissa about her products when i purchased her vaxtkraft all natural vegetable stock concentrate. melissa like me believes in supporting and showcasing local produce and local growers. melissa was introduced to the vaxtkraft recipe by her swedish mother in law, melissa currently produces parsley and coriander stock concentrates as well as sunflower and pumpkin seed mix that is flavoured with the stock.

Celebrate Local - My Berries | rachaelsfoodielife.com

my berries was created in 2013 by stuart & allison mcgruddy from the very roots of their family raspberry farm in the moreton bay region of queensland. they started out selling fresh raspberries at markets and have expended to offer frozen berries, raspberry crush (this is what i brought i am stupid excited to use it!), raspberry vinegar and raspberry bombs – these are described as the ultimate explosion of raspberry and fine belgian chocolate. my berries have an amazing focus on quality, in fact their berries are hand picked the day before they go to market to ensure maximum freshness. that’s dedication to providing high quality produce and yet another reason why we need to support local.

Celebrate Local - Willow Vale Gourmet Food Co | rachaelsfoodielife.com

willow vale gourmet food co are based on the gold coast and offer a range of gluten free, high quality hand crafted products including chutney’s and relishes, sauces, dressings vinegar’s and dukkah. i was lucky enough to sample their mago chutney and beetroot relish both of which were incredible, i also sampled some of there vinegar, but i could not go past the pistachio & coconut dukkah.

Celebrate Local - Soul Merchandise | rachaelsfoodielife.com

soul merchandise are based in brisbane and are a manufacturer of boutique sauces and vinegars. the range of vinegars they had available at regional flavours was amazing. I purchased the wild cherry vinegar, because umm… cherry? but i also tried smoked pineapple vinegar the flavour of this was off the charts, it was sweet and briney but had an undertone of smoke flavour. i will definitely be purchasing it soon.

i have been amazed to find out just how many incredible producers there are in queensland, these 10 barely scratch the surface on this incredible produce and aristsan crafted products we saw and sampled. i wish i could tell you about all of them but for now this is my introduction to why i believe celebrating local producers and farmers is so important. i will doing everything i can to get out there and meet more local farmers and producers and here their story. these people who work so hard to bring such amazing products to the for front need to be celebrated!

have you thought about what local produce or farmers are in your area? do you support them? has this inspired you to look into whats out there? i hope i have sparked a curiosity in you, especially if you love food, to get out in your local area go to farmers markets, food events talk to the producers hear their stories you will see just how passionate these people are about what they do.

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    • Talking to these producers was so eye opening! I like to think as a food blogger that i stay in touch with local produce but i honestly had no idea just how much amazing produce was available in QLD

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