It’s time to talk about another amazing local business, this time it’s The Chilli Effect! I was lucky enough to speak to Mark Saint, one half of the brains behind The Chilli Effect.

Mark just got even more dangerous after making friends with Brisbane's biggest Chilli trader at 5am this morning! |

Mark is a self confessed chilli addict who loves BBQ, beer and adventure. Since leaving home and learning to cook for himself Mark has always loved all things spicy!

Mark lived in the UK for most of his life, and tried unsuccessfully to grow chillies every summer but because of the short summer and freezing winter he never had any luck with them. It wasn’t until 4 years ago when he moved to Sydney that he was able to successfully grow chillies. It all started with one birds eye chilli plant and quickly grew to over 40 thriving plants pumping hot and spicy chillies. This was far more that Mark could enjoy!

It was around this time that Darryl (the other half of The Chilli Effect) shared a scotch bonnet sauce that he had made at home with Mark. This sauce inspired Mark to start making his own sauce from his stock of chillies. His first sauce was Wizard’s Lingering Burn a smoky Cajun style hot sauce. It was a huge hit with friends a colleagues. Wizard’s Lingering Burn became their first production sauce and remains a favourite among customers.

'Wizard's Lingering Burn' is made with lots of fresh Australian grown #Habaneros - this one is hot, tasty and long lasting!!! Stay tuned for more... |

Mark & Darryl’s passion for chilli and all things spicy encouraged them to launch The Chilli Effect in 2015. In their words too often supermarkets and even artisan market producers offer hot or extra hot, yet to chilli fans these hardly register as spicy! The Chilli Effect set out to change this, by introducing their range of products measured with their CHILLI POWER CURVE to demonstrate the effect of chillies over time.

For Mark the most rewarding moments of running The Chilli Effect are the delight and surprise when customers taste their products, typically they are thrilled with the combination of great flavours and good solid heat. Beyond exciting their customers Mark and Darryl get great satisfaction from working collaboratively with companies like Wyld Smoke and McLeod Brewing Co on new exciting projects.

We're looking forward to ice cold beers at Queensland's Fiery Food Festival this weekend at the Jondaryan Woolshed |

The Chilli Effect is coming up on their 2 year anniversary and the only things they would change if they could start over is launching their chilli snacks and chilli beer sooner as these new products have been met with nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Yet again I am blown away by the passion and dedication local businesses have to producing quality products that their customers love. It’s for this reason that I love finding new local businesses, they provide a product that no matter how hard you tried you would never be able to find a comparison by shopping at a large grocery store, the care that is taken in producing their products is all about quality not quantity. Big chain stores just want quantity, doing this can lose the quality that the brand originally had. Shop local and this will never happen. By direct from the people who care about their products and what they are selling, they care about you and they want you to love their products!

Keeping the spicy goodies up to the punters |

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