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weekly wish list

Weekly Wish List 30.05.17 |

how is it almost the end of May already? where has this year gone?
has this year flashed past for you too? i feel like we have been constantly on the go with planning to build our house and work and family commitments and my 30th and i kind of feel like i need to take a break. I mean i love my life and i wouldn’t change it for the world, but i just want everything to slow down. i feel like we are living in fast forward and i am not getting enough time to truly appreciate everything that is happening. do you ever feel that way?


weekly wish list

Weekly Wish List 23.05.17 |

why is it that when you can eat whatever you want, you don’t want the easter eggs that are still in the fridge. but…as soon as you start the whole30 and CAN’T eat them they are all you think about??


weekly wish list – mother’s day

Weekly Wish List 09.05.2017 |

do you have plans with your Mum for mother’s day this weekend? my Mum was here a couple of weeks ago for my birthday so i took her out for high tea then, and this weekend we have plans for Marc’s Mum. we asked what she would like to do and all she wanted was to have dinner with the family, it’s the first time since she’s moved back that Marc, his Dad and his brother have all been here so she just wants everyone together.


Weekly Wish List

Weekly Wish List 02.05.17 |

Three long weekends in a row has been awesome, and I have decided that long weekends should be a thing every week. right? Right? Who doesn’t love a long weekend? More time with loved ones. More time doing the things you love. Picnics. Beach. BBQs. Drinks with friends. I love all of it!
What do you get up to on long weekends?

We like to make the most of our time off and we tend to jam pack long weekends with fun! Please tell me you do the same?? As a society we spend so much time working that we really should enjoy every second we have to spend with friends and family outside of work. Having depression and anxiety has taught me that i need to take time out to slow down and appreciate what i have and process everything that is going on in my life. Taking out out for you is so important. Make sure you make time for you!

Let’s look at my wish list this week….

  1. How good is Greek food and this cookbook looks incredible!! I need to add it to my collection!
  2. I have no words for this drummer jacket, it’s just stunning!
  3. How cosy do these mugs look? I want to fill it with hot chocolate and toast marshmallow by the fire
  4. When the weather cools down I drink tonnes of tea, and this creme brulee tea is all kinds of amazing!
  5. Mum brought me this dress to wear for my birthday dinner. It’s gorgeous! I love the colour and the pattern and it is SO COMFORTABLE!!!
  6. Still obsessed with Studio DIYs Can’t Clutch This subscription. Just look at this months clutch!!!
  7. I have been lusting over Le Crueset casserole dishes for what seems like forever! I mean how pretty is this pink one??
  8. One of my favourite things about winter is that i get to wear scarves, and i need this one
  9. I love pretty serving stands like this I want to buy 2 or 3 different pretty stands and invite the girls over for high tea where the drinks don’t cost a fortune and the tea is truly bottomless