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weekly wish list – pyjamas

Weekly Wish List 04.07.17 |

how are we in july already? this year is going to so fast, but i also feel like we’ve been waiting forever for our land to be registered so we can start house stuff. the paperwork was taken to council yesterday for the land to be registered so hopefully we will have signed our land contract by the end of the month. then we’ve got a 21 day cooling off period, soil tests and surveys will be done and then we should be all systems go.


weekly wish list – winter style

Wish List 27.06.2017 - Winter Style |

winter is here! well ok, winter brisbane style which is still cold compared to our sweltering humid summers. but it’s actually cold especially in the morning and at night, and that has me thinking about rugging up and if i’m honest i am always in denial about cold weather so i don’t really own winter clothes and it’s probably time i start to adult better right? i mean, i am married and we are building a house they are real adult type things so it’s probably time i accept that it gets cold and buy appropriate clothes that will keep me warm and cozy.


weekly wish list – bar cart edition

Weekly Wish List 13.06.17 - bar cart edition |

happy tuesday! are you glad monday is over? i am! lately i am feeling like mondays are coming around too fast. or maybe it’s because we had a busy weekend. it was mostly home stuff and lots of recipe testing, i have some amazing recipes coming up that i cannot wait to share with you!! like vanilla rosè baked rhubarb – i will never make rhubarb another way after this, it’s stupid good!


weekly wish list

Weekly Wish List 06.06.17 |

hi friends! how was your weekend? what did you do? was it busy or pretty chill? ours was busy, i had a massage saturday morning (i get monthly remedial massages for a old shoulder injury), and i needed to find a nice photo frame for a gift – i had such a hard time finding a nice one, i was even concerned about price i just couldn’t find anything nice that was big, i needed it for a 8×12 photo. and saturday afternoon we had a viewing of our photos from last week, they were amazing!! they really captured the love we have for our dogs and the dogs personalities, i can’t wait to share them with you!!