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Weekly Wish List – Spring Fashion

Weekly Wish List 12.09.2017 |

I love spring, warm weather but not too hot, flowers blooming, bright colors sunshine and weekends with friends, what’s not to love? We finally get to stop wearing heavy chunky winter clothes and instead cover ourselves in bright colors and light fabrics. Oh how I love it!

This week I am sharing some pretty things that just scream spring to me…

  1. I so need new jeans! I only have a black pair at the moment, these ones are exactly what I’ve been looking for
  2. How fun are these cute pom pom earrings??
  3. Wedges are my jam, I always choose wedges over heels and in spring I like a neutral color that goes with everything. I am in love with these at the moment, they are crazy comfortable!
  4. I also need some new comfy walk shoes and I am pretty sure it’s going to be these, I love cons but i have never owned a pair. I love that these ones are soft grey, they will be great fro spring and summer!
  5. How stunning is the color of this dress? It reminds me of perfect blue skies and beach days
  6. Aren’t theseĀ thread earring pretty? They are so simple and elegant
  7. You guys, this cross body bag is amazing!!! I feel like it was made for me. LOVE!
  8. I love this cute floral dress, I usually don’t like floral dresses I find them to be to overpowering but this one is more understated.
  9. Can you tell I love in dresses in spring? Oh well every girl need a pretty polka dot dress, right?


Weekly Wish List – Bathroom

Weekly Wish List 05.09.2017 |

These weekly wish list posts seem to be turning into house update posts, and guess what?!?!?!?!?!? Our loan got approved! We can officially BUILD A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t think I could get more excited but it totally happened! I’ve been on cloud 9 since we found out. It’s such a relief to know that the past 9 months have been worth the wait, the ups and downs and the stress. In less than 6 months we should be living in out own house! EEEKKK!!!!


Weekly Wish List – Kitchen

Weekly Wish List 29.08.2017 |

Oh my gosh! You guys!!!!!! Today we had our colour consultation to choose everything for our house. We chose bricks, colourbond, garage and front doors for external and everything for internal – ceasarstone bench tops, cabinet colours, paint colours, door types, tiles everything! It was much easier than we thought it would be and so fun! I can wait until I can start sharing photos with you when the build starts!


Weekly Wish List – Dining Room

Weekly Wish List 22.08.2017 |

I learnt today choosing items for a dining room is not as easy as I thought it would be. But I also learnt that in doing a wish list for each room in our house I am learning what I like and what colours i gravitate towards, which considering our colour consult is on Monday is really good.


Weekly Wish List – Living Room

Weekly Wish List 15.08.2017 |

This weekend was great and crazy! Saturday I had my hair done, I’ve always had dark hair and this time I went lighter and I actually love it! Then Saturday night Marc and I went on a date night, the first we’ve been on in almost 2 months! We saw Baby Driver, it’s so good you guys. Go see it!!!! Then we had dinner at Lord of the Wings. It was really great to spend some time with Marc where we could just chill and not think about house stuff.