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Sweet Potato Chilli

I can’t believe it’s almost spring, which means it’s almost our 1 year wedding anniversary!!! We are going to Tasmania for a week for our anniversary and I still haven’t processed that it’s in 3 weeks! We’ve been so busy with the house that we haven’t given it much thought. This sweet potato chilli is more of a winter recipe but I still love it on cool spring nights, because it’s vegetarian it’s lighter than beef or chicken chilli.

Sweet Potato Chilli |


Crunchy Fries with Oregano & Feta

How is it Monday already? The weekends are over in a flash for me lately. How was your weekend? Are you ready for this week? I’m not sure I am, but things have gotta get done so I’m gonna do my best. Today I want to talk to you about fries, I love fries. They are my side of choice, it’s rare for me to turn them down. A while ago we went out for lunch and on the menu was fries with oregano and feta, I had to try them, I mean fries and feta?? How was this real life? You guys they were amazing!! So obviously I needed to recreate them.

Crunchy Fries with Oregano & Feta |


Pumpkin & Zucchini Pizza Pie

I’ve been seeing those gorgeous vegetable tarts on Instagram lately, you know the ones. Where you slice vegetables into paper thin slices and spiral them around and around to make stunning tarts that look like flowers.

I have been wanting to make one forever!! I decided now was the time, I knew I had some leftover sour cream pastry in the freezer so I took it out and defrosted it…. and discovered that it was actually sweet pastry 🙁 But then I found some frozen pizza dough and thought why not.

Pumpkin & Zuchinni Pizza Pie |